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Sneedsboro Soap

Crocheted Soap Saver Cloth

Crocheted Soap Saver Cloth

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Listing for Soap Saver Bag only, Props in photos is not included.

Get longer life out of your Sneedsboro Soap! A soap savor bag helps soap bars last longer and uses even the last scraps to prevent anything from going to waste! These soap saver wash clothes are made especially for Sneedsboro Soap bars but will accommodate most other bars of soap as well. These bags are crocheted using 100% organic cotton yarn. They have a little drawstring to tighten the bag as the soap gets smaller. I love how much lather these bags make when washing! They are so soft and gentle! Perfect for using for children as well. They are washable and can be used over and over. I also find these are very popular for international travel in countries that do not use wash cloths. Small and lightweight and easy to pack! 

Dimensions: 4x3 in, but could be stretched a little larger if needed.

Hand crocheted with organic 100% cotton gray yarn.

Do not let small children use with out adult supervision.

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