Welcome to my shop! My name is Heather, the owner and soap designer!

I started making soap in the last year(2022) when my sister-in-law Amberlea simply got too busy and was looking to sell her business. We wanted to keep it in the family and so I got really interested in soap making! It has been a fun adventure and I’m looking forward to more!!

Amberlea first started making soap several years ago when her dear Aunt offered to teach her a basic soap recipe. She fell in love with handmade soap and has worked hard and creatively to use natural ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils. As much as we hate to admit it, we have yet to come up with a recipe that beats Amberlea's Aunt's original recipe. I use it in nearly every soap I make!

Sneedsboro Soap has slowly grown to include so much more then just luxury bar soaps! I now make and sell bath bombs, body butters, lip balms, shampoos, face masks, beard products, and more ideas on the way! Quality is huge to me and I take joy in finding high quality, natural ingredients for my products. I love essential oils and you will find that much of my line is scented with 100% pure essential oils. Happy shopping and thank you for supporting my handmade business!