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Sneedsboro Soap

Activated Charcoal Face Scrub and Wash

Activated Charcoal Face Scrub and Wash

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Hurray for our all new Charcoal Face Scrub! Made from scratch with amazing and luxurious ingredients, this face scrub is a must have for all skin types. The Charcoal Face Scrub is packaged in 2 or 4 oz jars and is the perfect addition to your skincare routine. Although especially designed for oily and acne prone skin, this scrub is beneficial to all skin type. It is very long lasting and a little goes a long way! Wooden spoon prop in photos is not included in purchase!

Sneedsboro Soap's natural face scrub contains the following ingredients:

*Liquid Castile Soap: a handmade soap base that is gentle and perfect for a face soap base.
*Argon Oil: my all time favorite oil, gentle, moisturizing, non pore clogging, and non greasy
*Jojoba Beads: tiny scrubby beads tough enough to remove dead skin cells but gentle enough to not harm skin.
*Activated Charcoal: super finally ground charcoal, ideal for natural skin detoxing, naturally removes dirt, grease, sweat, and other impurities from skin without stripping ones skin
*Tea Tree Essential Oil: a amazing essential oil that is great for acne

***Always remember to test soap on a small part of skin to make sure of no allergic reactions! Tea Tree Oil does have a bit of a tingle so a slight warm sensation is normal.***

Directions: Simply wet face and massage scrub onto skin, Rinse well with warm water. Avoid using scrub to close to eyes or mouth.

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