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Bath Tea, Lavender Bath Soak, Gift For Mom,

Bath Tea, Lavender Bath Soak, Gift For Mom,

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This botanical lavender bath tea is the perfect way to calm your spirits while also soothing and reviving your skin. All natural, soothing ingredients also make it a great option for those with especially sensitive or dry skin, although please check ingredients for things that may cause allergic reactions! These tub teas are a great relaxing addition to your bath with out having any extra mess, as all botanicals stay contained inside the tea bag! This bath soak contains skin loving and nourishing ingredients such as goats milk, lavender essential oil, cocoa butter, and oatmeal. For a full list of ingredients see below.

Still wondering what a bath tea is and how it works? Simply put, it is a luxurious combo of bath salts, dried milk, and botanicals sealed inside a tea bag. This gives you all the skin loving benefits of bath salts or soaks with no mess. Simply add to bath and enjoy! For aa extra luxurious soak one can also brew the bath tea in 10 oz of very hot water and then add this "tea" directly to your bath water after 5 or 10 min.

Each bath tea lasts one bath but can be reused if you like, although it will not be as strong on the second use.

Ingredients: powdered milk, powdered goat's milk, oatmeal, epsom salt, sea salt, cocoa butter, lavender flowers, jasmine flowers, lavender essential oil

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