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Flower Power - Bar Soap - Spring Soap - Gift for Stepmom

Flower Power - Bar Soap - Spring Soap - Gift for Stepmom

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Flower Power Soap is a delightful holiday gift for your valued employees. This artisanal soap bar is infused with the enchanting scent of patchouli essential oil, delivering an aromatic and grounding experience. Its vibrant purple hue, crafted using Brazilian clay, adds a touch of elegance to the bathing ritual. Handmade with care, this soap combines the essence of nature and the warmth of a handcrafted gift. Treat your team to a fragrant and luxurious cleansing experience with our 'Flower Power' Patchouli Soap, a thoughtful and unique token of appreciation.



essential oils of patchouli, spearmint, bergamot, lavender, blood orange


~Weight 3.3-3.6 oz


~Size: 3in x 21/4in x 1in


~Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Purple Brazilian Clay, Essential Oils






~Ordering~ Just simply click the drop down menu under quantity and chose how many bars of this super moisturizing soap you want! Hit add to cart and I will create a package just for you!


~All of my Soaps are handmade from scratch using a passed down family recipe. I make all my soaps in small batches, guaranteeing each bar to be special and unique. I use the cold process method and cure the soap bars a minimum of four weeks, providing friends and customers with a long-lasting bar.



~NO premade soap bases


~each handmade bar may vary slightly in shape.



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