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Sneedsboro Soap



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We are so pumped about our all-natural hair spray! We have been experimenting for while already to come up with the perfect hair mist that your hair loves. This perfectly organic hairspray smells very fresh and light. A little goes a long-ways, and even our 4 oz bottle will last you a month or two! We are very picky about how our hairspray sprays and are happy that this spray top lets out a very fine mist and sprays evenly.

~Lavender Hydrosol Water
~Rose Hydrosol Water
~Bamboo Extract
~Witch Hazel
~Raw Sugar
~Vitamin B5
~Essential Oils
~Polysorbate 20
~Germall Plus (natural preservative)

Lightly mist over styled hair for nice hold for those little hairs that tend not stay put.
~If the feel is little stiff for you, gently comb through hair after the spray has dried
~If you feel it's too firm of a hold simply add a little bit of water to suit your taste.
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