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Natural Shampoo Bar, Sample and Full Size Bar

Natural Shampoo Bar, Sample and Full Size Bar

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NOTE these will be ready to ship by Oct 15. My Sudsy Shampoo Bar is a homemade natural shampoo made with luxurious coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, argon oil, and lavender, peppermint, and tea tree essential oils. I also love adding vitamin B5 to my shampoo to give our hair a added boost. This bar is very sudsy and works into a great lather! This is the ideal every day shampoo and its solid bar form makes it the perfect shampoo to travel with. I love it for camping, as it is great for your skin as well and is the perfect all in one soap to take on a adventure! I also recommend using with a soap stand to let the shampoo bar dry out between uses. It will help it last much longer! I do have a option to purchase shampoo and a soap stand if you would like to use one. UPDATE: conditioner bars now available to go with the shampoo bars! 

Travel/Sample Size is 1.5 oz, Full sized bar is 4.5 oz

Why switch to a solid natural shampoo bar? Unfortunately a lot of name brand commercial shampoos can actually be extremely damaging to our hair. Many man made products are added to these shampoos and actually strip our hair of the healthy and natural oils it needs. Ingredients made from silicone give our hair a false shine and trick us into thinking we have healthy hair! Overtime our scalp gets coated with a chemical build up and our hair becomes thin and brittle.

Simple and Natural is BEST!

My shampoo contains none of the following:

If you have never used a natural shampoo you may have a brief adjustment period as your hair becomes readjusted. I also found that for several days I could actually see build up coming off of my scalp!!!

My personal experience with this shampoo bar: I have been working on this bar for quite sometime and have had many people with different hair types try it! This seems to work very well for all hair types although remember what works for me may not work for you. All hair is different! My hair is thin and oily and I have noticed a huge improvement after switching completely to this shampoo. Another bonus is my hair grows much faster!

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