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Sneedsboro Soap

Pink Bath Bomb, Rose, Bath Bombs, Mothers Day Gift

Pink Bath Bomb, Rose, Bath Bombs, Mothers Day Gift

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This romantic bath bomb is my absolute favorite! This is a beautiful pink bath bomb, with a hand painted rose gold heart on the top. It contains super moisturizing ingredients like organic coconut oil and Himalayan sea salt. The scent is a fresh take on traditional rose fragrance. Top notes of bergamont, orange zest, and grapefruit, combined with the girly scent of rose and sweet jasmine, make this truly smell like a love story! I have added coconut oil and pink sea salt to a fizzy bath bomb base, to leave your skin feeling soft and pampered and smelling delightful. This is the perfect Mothers Day gift or thinking of you gift that every woman will love!

Bath bombs are 3-3.5 oz and 2.25 in diameter and individually wrapped and labeled.

* Take caution when exiting bath after using this bath bomb, tubs can become slippery after use*

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