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Rose Clay Face Mask

Rose Clay Face Mask

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You are in for a special treat with this face mask! This Rose Clay Mask gets its beautiful rose hue from a glorious combination of Rose Clay, Pink Brazilian Clay, and Kaolin Clay. I love the whipped lotion like texture of this face mask, which when exposed to air, gently starts to harden and dry on your skin without leaving your skin uncomfortably tight. We all know that feeling!! While perfect for either oily or dry skin, this mask was especially made with older mature skin in mind. This being said, I am 22 and use this mask ALL the the time=) Added Rosehip oil makes it high in vitamins A and C and extremely moisturizing without a oily feel. Chamomile extract helps soothes damaged skin and is thought to be anti- inflammatory, while the Avocado oil gently moisturizes and helps leave your skin with a soft glow. We topped off this luxurious face mask by scenting it with a warm blend of grapefruit and orange essential oil. Treat your skin to a spa like facial without having to leave the house!

Give yourself 10-20 minutes of well deserved pampering by gently applying mask to a clean, dry face. Allow to dry and rinse with warm water. For sensitive skin, try 10 minuets the first time you use the mask.

Available in 2 or 4 oz jars

The mask is available in two sizes and comes in resealable jars as pictured. This face mask is AWESOME because of the following ingredients:

Rose Clay: This clay has a gorgeous rose hue and is what gives this mask a lovely rose color.It is a very gentle, mld clay and a favorite for pore detox.

Pink Brazilian Clay: Brazilian Clay is high in vitamins and minerals so it is a must in this face mask!

Kaolin Clay: A all natural clay ideal for sensitive skin.

Rosehip Seed Oil: A favorite oil of mine, It is extremely gentle, non greasy, and super moisturizing. Due to it being high in vitamin A and C, It is the perfect choice for dry or mature skin.

Avocado Oil: I LOVE avocados so obviously I had to add this one! There was another reason too... I love that it is full of vitamins! Especially B1, B2, and A.

Chamomile Extract: Excellent for dry or mature skin and a gentle moisturizer.

Grapefruit Essential Oil: The perfect scent to top of this amazing mask. Not overpowering, this scent is soft and subtle, giving the mask a spa like fragrance

BTMS 50 Emulsifier: Although the name looks scary, Its basically a vegetable based emulsifier known for great conditioning properties. This emulsifier is what helps give this mask it's lotion like texture, leaving your skin silky smooth.

Polawax Emulsifier: Another emulsifier to help give the mask it's amazing "whipped" texture.

Optiphen: Because of the added water to the mask, a preservative is necessary to prevent bacteria or mold growing. I typically shy away from preservatives, but I love that this one is paraben and formaldehyde free. I have found this to be the most natural option available to me and am totally comfortable adding it to my skin care line when necessary.

Water: All natural and great for you. =)

Well there you go, A complete ingredient list! Enjoy!

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